Infacol Real World Parenting Campaign

Trusted by mums all over the UK, Infacol is a simeticone-based colic remedy that can be used from birth onwards to soothe and relieve the symptoms of infant colic. Colic is a common issue for young babies, affecting one in five infants in their first six months, but this means there is a very short window in which to engage new mothers.

Dealing with a condition that has the potential to be so distressing for new parents, we wanted to find an idea that not only raised the profile of Infacol but also addressed the difficult parts of parenting and provided positive solutions to them.

Working with a product that is well established but traditionally perceived as ‘old fashioned’ made it all the more essential to tap into the issues that are important to first-time parents.

Where did we start?

ssues that new parents face, from sleep deprivation and colic to problems bonding with baby. From media research, we understood that the challenges of caring for a newborn were often much greater than new parents expected.

Our starting point involved holding an advisory board with a group of health professionals, including midwives, GPs, health visitors and lactation consultants. What was their understanding of colic and its impact on parents, and how did they work to resolve it?

The discussion provided outstanding insight, highlighting that even professionals are sometimes unsure about what colic is and how best to help parents work through it.

Identifying a need…

With a brief to appeal to mums with infants under six months, we needed to understand the issues that affected them. We conducted research with 2,000 mums across the UK to understand how they felt about becoming parents, which provided interesting insights including:

  • Almost three-quarters (74%) felt that the first six months after having a baby were the most stressful.
  • Around two-thirds (64%) agreed that until you have a baby, you can’t anticipate the worry involved.
  • The majority (65%) agreed that sleepless nights were the hardest thing to deal with.

With these findings in mind, we wanted to build a big idea for a campaign that was empathetic rather than simply sympathetic, and could help be part of a movement towards better support for new parents.

Real World Parenting

Launching our Real World Parenting campaign with a day of radio live-link interviews focused around the results of our hard-hitting research, we chose to kick things off on Mother’s Day to maximise the impact of talking about becoming a parent. Dr Hilary Jones supported the campaign, and we offered bouquets of flowers for listeners to send the person that supported them when they became a parent. The radio campaign alone secured 24 items of coverage with a reach of over 5 million.

Building on the theme of ‘support’, we developed an awards scheme to celebrate health care professionals that go the extra mile, in association with the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology and funded by an educational grant from Infacol. We asked mums to nominate the person that had gone above and beyond for them when they had their baby, with an educational grant provided to help the develop their career or fund their local services.

Another category for Friends and Family encouraged mums to nominate a friend, family member, or even a colleague, that had helped them through a tough time when they became a parent.

The Real World Parenting campaign was supported by strong educational stories, distributed by parenting media to help parents to understand what colic is, how to help alleviate it, and when and where to seek help. This included coverage on Mumii, in Best Baby and Toddler Gear Magazine, and via NetMums.

Time frame

Real World Parenting took place from February – December 2016.

Summary of our objectives

  • To deliver relevant and reassuring advice on colic, and reinforce Infacol’s caring credentials.
  • To increase Infacol’s visibility with HCPs.
  • To actively advocate for the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby by encouraging new mums to seek support when needed.

What did Real World Parenting achieve?

  • We secured 95 items of coverage for Infacol and the Real World Parenting Awards, with an audience reach of over 26 million.
  • In the period immediately following the launch of the Real World Parenting campaign via the radio interviews with Dr. Hilary, sales of Infacol saw a significant uplift.
  • The educational grant provided to the winning healthcare professional was used to provide free parenting classes for parents in need of extra support in the Birmingham area.