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“I Am Beautiful”

Last week I visited the BBC HQ and in the foyer, sharing space with a Dalek, was David Attenborough. To be precise, there were huge images of the man. And what I wasn’t expecting, as I stood waiting for my friend Linda Sills, was to find him attractive. Puzzled by my reaction, I told Linda who smiled, raised an eyebrow, and said : “Doesn’t every woman?”

“But he’s 90,” I said, meaning age diminishes beauty and sexual appeal.

I was thinking about my David Attenborough conversation at the launch of the Exorex campaign “I Am Beautiful”. Giorgia Lanuzza has psoriasis but you don’t notice.  What you do notice is her energy, optimism and love of life. This is what makes her beautiful. Her psoriasis is just a skin condition in the same way that Sir David Attenborough’s age is just a number. Isn’t it time we reappraised beauty? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we embraced wrinkles? If we celebrated a genuine smile rather than radioactive teeth? If people stopped commenting on Hilary Clinton’s hair and actually listened to what she has to say?

The “I Am Beautiful “ campaign was launched at a book shop in Notting Hill. Giorgia was joined by the photographer Brock Elbank, who is famous for his portraits of unconventionally beautiful people, and mindfulness expert Suryacitta Malcolm Smith, who convinced everyone that 10 minutes of calm was more effective than botox.  If anyone started out judging a book by it’s cover, then at the end they’d turned the page. Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, it’s in the person within.

I want to tell Linda I know why I fancy Sir David. Shame she’s on a plane to Canada.