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Good Work Is Its Own Reward

They say hard work is its own reward, but perhaps that’s not quite right. I’d like it rephrased. Good work is its own reward – because being kind or charitable isn’t hard work at all.

We’re lucky to have clients that let us do all sorts of weird and wonderful things to give back to the community. In 2016, we reinvigorated psoriasis brand Exorex with a body-confident campaign called I Am Beautiful, which captured the attention of the national newspapers and raised awareness of the condition with millions of Brits.

We brought back the Sudocrem Care and Protect Baby Changing Room Awards bigger and better than ever with a new ‘Dad’s Toilet’ category to recognise that dads change nappies too! The campaign reached an audience of 12 million in the first week alone, and inspired UK retailers and restaurants to revamp their facilities to accommodate parents.

We rewrote a PR strategy at the eleventh hour to help Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream address low levels of active outdoor play among preschool age children. Play More was a scheme to encourage children out into the fresh air by regenerating playgrounds and donating outdoor toys to nurseries in need.

It is a thrill and a great compliment to have been shortlisted in the OTC Awards for three of consumer health campaigns, particularly alongside such impressive names as Edelman, Golin and FleishmanHillard (to name but a few). We’re looking forward to having a few glasses of fizz and hearing more about the work they do. 

No matter the outcome on March 9th, we’ll still be celebrating – because good work is its own reward.

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